Terms  And Conditions

The following  service level agreement is between HostGliders and the person who use our products and services.  All services provided by HostGliders  may be used for lawful purposes only. We have the lawful right to change these terms at any time, as we deem appropriate. If we make changes  on our Terms of Services, we will let you know by sending you an email if we have a current email address for you, and by noting on our website that these Terms of Service has been updated.

Billing Terms

HostGliders have all major kind of billing services for our customers . Individuals can pay monthly,Quarterly,Annually according to their signup dates and services registered with us. We accept credit/debit(international Visa or Masters) cards and paypal gateways for international customers.


DMCA policy (Copyright Infringement)

HostGliders make our Copyright Infringement or DMCA policy clear and required to accept by every users of our products and services. We do not take actions against a website for DMCA policies until we receive any takedown notice from the true owners of the website content  but users should not be post any copyright infringement content that belong to other individual clearly through our products or services. As a part of online business, we sell website hosting space and it is not obviously our job to note down each and every website that hosted on our server to confirm that the site meets Digital Millennium Copyright Act policies. But If we receive any  takedown notice from the copyright owner, we must  required to respond to the notice if it meets the DMCA requirements and also the owner hence has to prove that the contents belong to him/her accordingly. HostGliders will take down that particular website within a time period of 5 days, with a proper notice email to the customer and will give 5 days of time to take the website backup and they can migrate to another host within stipulated  time period.

Also, In regarding the unmanaged  VPS users, they should manage the DMCA privacy policy in themselves only and the same is nothing to do with HostGliders or any of our products. As the vps is unmanaged if we receive any takedown notice for a website that hosted in the Unmanaged vps, we forward the notice to the customer and he/she should able to manage the takedown notice themselves.

For our manged VPS customers we treat as our own and if we receive any takedown notice from the true owner for a website that hosted in our manged VPS hosting servers, we will investigate the issue and if the the case is true and need action we apply the same procedure that we give 5 days of time to take down the website and the website has to be migrated from our server to remote host within the stipulated time frame.

We make sure that our customer’s  personal information like address,phone number, the service he/she purchased with us with any third party websites or any persons outside of our company other than our technical and sales administrators for useful purpose. We do not share any service level credentials like usernames,passwords to any other customers. We advertise our products on different hosting forums and other websites including Google Ads. Each and every advertisement contain our website URL and customers can visit our page from those third party links. We offer multiple discounts on weekly and monthly basis and the same would be published on each advertisement. Anyhow the customer needs to verify the discount duration and validity( one time offer or recurring) via our Live chat or by opening a support ticket. HostGliders do not disclose our clinet’s  information in any of the hosting forums but customers can write review about products and services  by themselves in hosting forums  and we are agree to the same.

Refund Policy

We have 15 days money back guarantee exists on our Shared and Reseller hosting products , the same is not applicable on any other hosting services/products offered by HostGliders . Individuals can contact our sales department for their refund if they do not satisfied by our services or products.

Service cancellation on Non-payments

It is our responsibility and demand that we cancel any on going  services by non-payment in our third time invoices. We allow our customers have 5 to 10 days of time duration for late payment  and we will send three invoices for the same. The services will be cancelled with an explanation email to the customer who is responsible without any further notices or emails.

Abuse Terms(Report abuse policy)

It is strictly prohibited to send spam and abusive emails from our servers , also the other intruder activities like spoofing,hacking,attacks. If we find any such abusive activities from customers , the services will be suspended immediately without any prior notices. We do not allow to host adult only and pornographic websites on our servers, any such activities from individuals will leads to their service suspension or cancellation .

We will investigate abuse issues if any third party resources report abuse/spam/bulk emails/spoofing on our server. Also we intimate the shared/reseller customer who is responsible for this action. We contact the reseller owner only if the abuse is related to any reseller client. Also it is strictly prohibited that your account must not use for abuse activities such as spamming/spoofing with your will and intention, such accounts will be suspended if we find out with an intimation to the  customer for the same.

For our manged VPS customers, we provide server management and we resolve any issue arise like hacking/ddos attacks, the same will not be applicable to unmanged vps services but we intimate the customers regarding the abuse.

Bandwidth Usage

HostGliders will not responsible for any bandwidth spike on your account. If bandwidth exceeds for an account , the account needs to upgraded to further level of hosting plan or Bandwidth overage charges are billed per gigabyte at a rate of 0.15 $ over the allotted bandwidth on the service(only if customer requests by opening a ticket) .


At all times customers are bound to the terms set forth. In no event shall HostGliders or its staff’s lack of enforcement of these terms constitute a waiver of these terms at any time. HostGliders will have the right to change above policies and terms at any time but will be notified to customers with their registered email address. Terms of service are on English language only! If you don’t understand or comprehend your obligations please contact your local translation services.

HostGliders will not be responsible for any damages to your business may suffer. HostGliders makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, for services we provide.

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